For more than 60 years, EllisDon has been a respected, dependable and traditional Canadian builder.

We know what we do well, but we also know what we could do better.  We're moving into new markets and new sectors across Canada and around the world – increasing our expertise and accountability while strengthening valuable partnerships with sub-contractors, consultants, FM providers, or clients. You would think growing in so many directions at once would result in friction, but it actually creates a balanced framework that supports our core business. And who is the ultimate beneficiary of all this diversification? Our clients of course. We are becoming experts in a variety of construction-related service fields so that they don't have to.

If there's anything the last six decades have taught us, it's that change isn't just fast…it's dramatic.  To stay relevant, you can't just adapt – you have to get creative.

Those who can't, just do.  Those who can…do more.

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