Interior Light Duty Scaffolds

Drywall Scaffold
•The multi-purpose rolling bakers scaffold is the right scaffolding solution for all kinds of situations. Great for Painters, Sheet Rock, Electrical, Plumbing or anywhere a compact, lightweight, but versatile scaffolding is called for. Our rolling multi-purpose bakers scaffold unit is commercial grade but also affordable enough for the homeowner. Easy Storage as well, as the unit breaks down to fit a space that is 29" wide x 72" Long by 6' Tall!


• Easy setup (1 person can easily assemble a single unit in less than 2 minutes)
• Platform height is adjustable in 3" increments
• Units can be stacked up to 2 sections high (12') with use of outriggers and guard rails
• Great for Stairs!
• 1000 lb weight limit
• Rolls easily through doors
• 29" width allows the Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffold to fit through standard doors
• Plywood or aluminum Platform pending unit type
• Our 1000 lb rated platform has a smooth grip cutout for easy handling, surrounded with a protective steel edge banding around the plywood
• Platform Height Adjustments
• With a convenient locking system, which allows for quick and easy height adjustment. Trusses can be adjusted to straddle over lower obstacles
• 5" Swivel Double Locking Casters Are Included For Easy Movement
• Caster Have a 250 lbs. capacity rating each with rear foot brake, locking both the swivel and wheel
• Powder Coat Yellow Paint Finish has a powdered pigment sprayed onto the steel, which is then sealed by
baking in heat generated ovens. The end result is a rust resistant, finished rolling bakers scaffold product
• Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding Outriggers are required when stacking 2 towers or more
• Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding meets or exceeds applicable CSA, OSHA and ANSI Standards

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