About Us

Mission Statement

Nuera Scaffold and Horizon Portable Fence build strong partnerships with our valued customers. These partnerships are achieved by providing the highest capacity, most-ideal quality and longest-lasting full line of scaffold and fencing products – produced worry-free and seamless, right through to delivery.

Vision Statement

Through our connectivity, knowledge and expertise in the marketplace, Nuera will provide each customer with “Scaffold Solutions Made Simple”. We will continue to understand customers’ needs with industry-leading efficient delivery of the largest breadth and depth of scaffold and fence related products centrally. Our core strengths will continuously allow us to penetrate the market, as we become the preferred dominant supplier of choice. Ultimately, customers will receive the most cost-effective and safest-working material, right when they need it.

"It’s the forming of long lasting partnerships with both our customers and suppliers, that ensures continued quality deployment of products and service. We truly listen to the feedback our customers provide us, which gives us the opportunity to constantly improve on our processes and our product delivery. It also allows us to bring new innovative or altered products to market on a regular basis as a result. Furthermore, it allows us to bring new innovative or altered products to market on a regular basis."

Darren Young – Founder/CEO


Merging Technology with Innovation


Nuera believes in forming long-lasting partnerships with both our customers and suppliers. Continued improvement on our processes and product delivery remains our constant objective. We are constantly looking for ways to bring new, innovative or altered products to market on a regular basis, helping fulfil our customers’ current and future needs.

Our superior relationships with select manufacturers and distributors world-wide – combined with our buying commitment – enable us to offer high-quality, industry-leading products at the most competitive prices. Nuera and Horizon have been acknowledged by our customers (and potential customers) as a pre-eminent supplier for scaffolding and related products throughout Southern Ontario. This is primarily due to our innovative design, product quality, market-leading service and overall value.


Nuera is a proud, active member of the Scaffold Industry Association of Canada. We ensure that we access and utilize the latest information to continuously provide expertise for strictly the safest use of quality products.

In the interest or everyone’s best safety, all scaffold products sold or rented with the support of Nuera Scaffold are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI, OSHA and CSA standards. All products have been tested by certified engineers; these testing results are available on any product(s) upon request when doing business with Nuera Scaffold. There’s a design and drawing behind every component. Many of our products are available in other sizes, materials or finishes in order to match your corporate colours or interests.


Nuera can design and custom-fabricate component(s) either locally or off-shore to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for volume amounts of products to match your existing specs, we can supply you with container load(s).

We here at Nuera are always looking for new products, distributors and innovations – and are also happy to develop new customers along the way. If you’re looking for a leading supplier of scaffold and portable fence products, you can access our complete product line and the unparalleled services we offer throughout this site. We look forward to future conversations with you.

Our Founder

Darren Young

Nuera Founder and CEO Darren Young graduated with an Honours Business Administration degree and has an extensive background in scaffolding and the equipment rental industry. With over 25 years of experience in the equipment rental space, Darren has been successful in building segmented businesses throughout his career. Scaffolds and portable fencing is an industry that drew him early in his career and he has had tremendous success to date, providing safe-working platforms and spaces for many companies throughout mainly Ontario but also throughout Canada.