Overhead Hoarding

Overhead Pedestrian Hoarding

Our patented “Nu-Slope” Overhead Pedestrian sidewalk protection provides safe walkway for everyone with a clean attractive curb appeal.  This one piece “Y” shaped design with a 3 lock connection offers quick and cost efficient assembly to deflect weather, debris or other objects to deflect into the site side.  This set up accommodates elevated advertising space street side and privacy on site side with fitted plywood wall paneling.  This is a modular design which suits neighbouring scaffolds, overhead gate truck entrances, corners, uneven terrain and lighting.

Product Length Weight
Code Description Meters Feet KG LB
NS310.3041 Nu-Slope Ledger Fixed 3’10 1.15 3’10” 8.57 18.89
NS052.3042 Nu-Slope Ledger Fixed 5’2 1.57 5’2” 10.38 22.88
NS054.3040 Nu-Slope Ledger Fixed 5’4 1.63 5’4” 10.94 24.13
NS007.3043 Nu-Slope Double Ledger Fixed 7’ 2.13 7’0” 21.94 48.37