Our Value Proposition

Nu Era's Value Proposition

Your company is well represented with our products in your fleet and you can rest assured your liability is limited further with the steps we take in serving our clients with the quality product & services you deserve!

  • Quality designed, high capacity engineered products, meeting all product standards & ministry guidelines.
  • Manufacture stamping system in effect to track life & quality of equipment.
  • Technical data sheets on all weight bearing components.
  • Central location.
  • Largest assortment & availability of Scaffold Components, Accessories, and related products.
  • When we sell products to you we want to make sure its completely compatible to your existing equipment.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Custom scaffold component engineering, manufacturing & testing available.
  • Product packaged for same day pick up or most times scheduled delivery for arrival when you need it.
  • Consultation & project advise planning, estimating, engineering, erect, dismantle & cartage available.
  • Consultation advise direct to customer, branch, sales staff (also your customers contact us direct daily via email / phone with reference to Branch / sales staff on project advise)
  • Site visits / Material lists are prepared so you can initiate the sourcing of product & delivery.
  • When needed, you buy and rent right away!
  • Nu-era currently does not promote the rental of standard frame scaffold and currently promotes most inquiries to its nearest distributor.
  • Nu-era currently promotes those distributors who actively purchase from us.
  • We will help you get a higher utilization on your scaffold fleet.
  • Value added services – your equipment – our services packed and presented like it is all your gear!