Debris Net Screening


DEBRIS NET is a 1/16” knitted mesh material commonly used for fence screening or scaffolding enclosures, guard rail, debris protection, wind screen or shade cloths.  Debris netting is made from high density polyethylene containment of small and chunk debris and is highly tear resistant.  Debris netting rolls include finished hemmed edges with reinforced eyelet button holes for fastening allowing for an easy, safe and secure installation.  All netting rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with branded labels for easy shipping & handling.

Some popular uses include:

  • Portable fence screening
  • Protective Scaffold Enclosure
  • Guard rail debris protection
  • Visual Safety Barrier
  • Construction windscreen
  • Demolition, dust & debris control
  • Building wrap enclosure
  • Shade cloth
Product Range (ft) Weight
Code Description Height Length KG LB
DNG40 Debris Net Screening Green 4’0” 150’ 13.60 30.00
DNG66.2279 Debris Net Screening Green 6’6” 150’ 20.96 46.20
DNB10 Debris Net Screening Black 10’0” 150’ 32.25 71.10
PNS66 Privacy Screening Black 6’6” 150’ 20.96 46.20