Descriptive Technology

Descriptive Technology

System / Ringlock

System Scaffold is safe, versatile, economical and adaptable with its unique rosette connection technology provides verified high load‐bearing capacity.

There are a few basic components along with many additional parts for site specific requirements, such as side brackets, cantilevers, stairs, aluminum beams, clamp / tube and edge protection. All steel components are manufactured in Middle East and Asian markets from high grade steel with superior hot dipped galvanizing, making each component durable and virtually maintenance free.

7 Key Components to Systems Scaffold

Adjustable base plates (screw jacks)
Choose between different height‐adjustable base plates with sturdy and self‐cleaning threads, with notch markings to provide protection against over winding. Swiveling base plates are available for sloping ground or uneven surfaces.

Standards are available in hot‐dip galvanized steel, dia. 48.3 x 3.2 mm, with rosettes at every 50 cm for a maximum of eight connections. Four small openings in the rosette determine right‐angled connections, four larger openings permit connections for bay braces.

Diagonal braces
The diagonal braces with wedge brace the basic system together thanks to their high connection values.

Choose from decks made of hot‐dip galvanized steel, aluminum, wood or an aluminum frame with marine plywood surface. Hatch decks are available, providing internal access via integrated drop down ladders or standard access ladders.

Base collars
The base collar with rosette together with the height‐adjustable base plate form the scaffolding base. The vertical standard is then placed into the base collar for further construction.

Ledgers are available in different lengths, depending on the scaffolding bay length, deck type and load. Ledgers are both guardrails and bracing elements.

Toe boards
Toe boards are positioned between vertical standards, and are available in steel, aluminum or wood (which can be branded). The steel toe board reduces fire risk and is longer lasting.