Training & Scaffold Stability

Scaffold training teaches us to recognize the hazards associated with the type of scaffold being used – and also understand the procedures to control and minimize those hazards.

Nuera Scaffold offers product development sessions for companies wishing to extend their employees’ product knowledge on the vast assortment of scaffolding components. We also provide extensive User Hazard Awareness Training sessions available to companies who want to train their employees and supervisors to understand the hazards of scaffolds today. This training session is part theory and part hands-on, and usually consists of a full-day session.

The User Hazard Awareness training is a Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) recognized program whereby successful students receive an accredited Certificate wallet card upon completion. Scaffold training is required by law, for those individuals who will be conducting work on or around a scaffold. Each employer shall have every employee who performs scaffold work trained by a qualified person.


  1. Familiarize our people with the rules and regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Construction Health and Safety, and Codes of Safe Practice to recognize possible scaffold hazards;
  2. Reduce their dependency on asking others for assistance and keep dependency for only the more difficult or complex scenarios they encounter;
  3. Give people the standard prerequisite (“foundation”) knowledge of scaffolding;
  4. Minimize a great deal of risk/liability for everyone involved in the industry;
  5. Enabling companies and people to show they have done due diligence in preventing the improper use of scaffold(s);
  6. Promote scaffold safety to all others who surround us to get the reputation that we are the preferred source for quality scaffolds;
  7. Height to Base Ratio.