Access & Egress

Access & Egress

Nuera has developed a full complement of Access and Egress products for many different scaffold types. These products are designed and manufactured in accordance with all applicable standards and provide a level of safety that is unparalleled in the industry.

The range of products include: Self-closing Swing Gates, Vertical Ladders, Aluminum Platform Stair units, System Steel Stairs, and Aluminum Ladders. Each is built to exacting quality standards and individually checked for compliance and function.

The stairs are made from separate Steel Stringers and Treads so the system can be installed where access is tight. Examples of tight accesses include boilers or complex refinery installations where pipes and other obstructions prevent large pieces of scaffolding to be used.

The landings are constructed from Nuera’s Steel Planks which provide a convenient, and anti-slip platform. Nuera’s System Diagonal Braces are used as handrails for the stairs. Nuera also offers its clients our newly designed Aluminum Platform Stair units. These are complete stair units with built-in landings. The use of lightweight, structural aluminum for the stair stringers, treads, and landings make these units highly manageable and easy to install.

They also allow the stair towers to have only four legs on plan, making the system very fast and easy to erect.