Code of Safe Practice


In the best interest or everyone’s safety all Scaffold products sold or rented with the support of Nu-era Scaffold are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI, OSHA and CSA standards. All major products have been tested by certified engineers and these testing results are available on any product(s) upon request when doing business with Nu-era Scaffold.

There’s a drawing to spec behind every component. Many of our products are available in other sizes, materials or finishes to match your corporate colours or interests. We can design & custom fabricate component (s) locally or off shore to meet your specific needs.

Quality in detail

All our main components Scaffold Frame & System is manufactured of high strength alloyed steel welded tubes.

Specification is Q345 with following strength and elongation:

  • 50,000PSI (345 MPA) minimum yield strength
  • 68,150 – 91,350 PSI (470 – 630 MPA) tensile strength
  • 22% elongation.

Our Scaffold Accessories specification is to produce most scaffolding accessories. It is
recommended specification for normal carbon steel, with following strength and elongation:

Following Tube Sizes are Available
Inch MM
1.90” OD x 0.125” wall (48.3mm x 3.2mm)
1.68” OD x 0.095” wall (42.7mm x 2.4mm)
1.63” OD x 0.090” wall (41.3mm x 2.3mm)
1.26” OD x 0.078” wall (32mm x 2.0mm)
0.98” OD x 0.078” wall (25mm x 1.8mm)
0.98” OD x 0.070” wall (25mm x 1.8mm)
Available Finishes

Hot Dipped Galvanizing:
The process temperature is controlled well to ensure 420g/m2 zinc coating.
In other words, 0.0024” (0.06mm) thick zinc coating.

Powder Coating:
EU’s RoHS standard compliant, to make sure no hazardous substances is used or contained. All environmental friendly.

Dacromat is a water-based, VOC compliant coating, and comprised mainly of
overlapping zinc and aluminium flake in an inorganic binder. Salt spray test
ranges from 480 to 1,000 hours, depending on coat thickness.